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Each Patrol in the Troop is named after an animal. It is a good plan to choose only animals and birds found in your area. (Scouting for Boys)


Alligator Green & Brown
Antelope Dark Blue & White
Badger Purple & White

Bat Light Blue & Black
Bear Brown & Black
Beaver Blue & Yellow
Bittern Grey & Green
Bison Dark Brown
Blackbird Black & Brown
Blue Heron Blue & White
Bobcat Yellow & Purple
Buffalo Red & Brown
Bulldog Light Blue & Brown
Capercaillie Brown & Grey
Canada Goose Purple & Black
Chipmunk White & Purple
Cat Grey & Brown
Chough Black & Red
Cobra Orange & Black
Cockerel Red & Brown
Cormorant Black & Grey
Cheetah Orange & White
Camel Khaki & Brown
Corncrake Dark Blue & Grey
Cuckoo Grey
Curlew Green
Crow Black & Orange
Cougar Brown & Yellow
Coyote Yellow & Brown
Dove Grey & White
Eagle Green & Black
Elk Black & Purple
Elephant Purple & White
Falcon Maroon & Orange
Fox Yellow & Green
Gannet Yellow & Dark Blue
Garganey Brown & Green
Golden Plover Orange & Grey
Giraffe Yellow & Brown
Grouse Dark & Light Brown
Hawk Pink
Hedgehog Black
Heron Blue & White
Hippo Pink & Black
Horse Black & White
Hound Orange
Hyena Yellow & White
Jackal Grey & Black
Kangaroo Red & Grey
Kingfisher Light Blue
Lion Yellow & Red
Leopard White & Yellow
Loon Green & Red
Lynx Purple & Orange
Mongoose Brown & Orange
Moose Brown & Yellow
Muskrat Orange & Blue
Nightjar Black & Brown
Night Hawk Pink & Black
Otter Brown & White
Owl Dark Blue
Orca White & Black
Ocelot Grey & Black
Panther Yellow
Peacock Green & Blue
Peewit Green & White
Penguin White & Orange
Pheasant Brown & Yellow
Pochard Brown & Grey
Puffin Grey & Yellow
Porcupine Black & White
Polar Bear White & Yellow
Puma Yellow & Pink
Rabbit Pink & Brown
Ram Brown
Rattlesnake Pink & White
Raven Black
Racoon Brown & Orange
Rhino Dark Blue & Orange
Sea-Gull Light Blue & Red
Seal Red & Black
Springbok Red & Yellow
Squirrel Grey & Red
Stag Purple & Black
Starling Black & Yellow
Stonechat Light Brown & Black
Stork Blue & White
Stormy Petrel Dark Blue & Grey
Swallow Purple & Yellow
Swan Grey & Red
Swift Dark Blue
Sheep Grey
Tiger Purple
Walrus White & Brown
Widgeon Brown
Wild Boar Grey & Pink
Wolf Yellow & Black
Woodcock Light Brown & Purple
Woodpecker Grey & Purple
Woodpigeon Blue & Grey
Zebra White & Black


Sir John A. MacDonald Red & Yellow
Sir Arthur Currie Blue & Red
Hamilton Gault Red & Grey
Buzz Beurling, DFC Brown & Yellow
Billy Bishop, VC Light Blue & Dark Blue
Ray Collishaw Dark Blue & Light Blue
Terry Fox, CC Purple & Yellow
Sir Sam Steele Yellow & Dark Blue
Alexander McKenzie Black & Maroon
John Cabot Light Blue & Grey
Emily Carr Orange & Blue
Sir Isaac Brock Green & Grey
Joseph Brant Red & Black
Lief Ericson Black
Dr Banting Orange
Dr Best Brown
Henry Frobisher Blue & Grey
Simon Fraser Blue & Maroon
Henry Larson Black & Grey
Jerry Potts Orange & Black
Guy Simonds Dark Blue
J.A. Dextraze Grey & Red
Laura Secord Yellow & Grey
Samuel Hearne White & Red
Pierre Radisson Light Blue & Red


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